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2007 Texts added in 2007.
Title and short description Size in KiloBytes
Patchenkov, Oleg NO Integrasjon og migrasjon: Perspektiver fra prosjektet "Multikulturalisme i Russland"
[Essay reporting on a Russian research project on Caucasian economic migrants in St. Petersburg, with a critique of the concept of multiculturalism - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 2, 2003]
18 K
Rasmussen, Jacob DK Den gode, den onde og den virkelig sjove indvandrer
[Essay on (self-derogatory) humor among immigrants in Denmark, discusses the usage of the word "perker" and of the TV program "Oplysning til samfundet om perkerne" - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 2, 2003]
23 K
Rytter, Mikkel DK "Min kone skal være…" Tre fortællinger om arrangerede ægteskaber
[Essay on arranged marriages among young Pakistani immigrants in Denmark, centered on three stories told by young men - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 2, 2003]
34 K
Schwartz, Jonathan DK Du må ikke begynde med osten! Integration og Identitet Anskuet Gennem Socialforskning
[Autobiographically based essay on an American's first experiences of Danish etiquette at meals, illustrating the problems encountered by foreigners seeking to be integrated in Danish society - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 2, 2003]
19 K
Sønderby, Tine
Jørgensen, Ida Rued
DK "På sporet af den første tid"
[Essay on asylum seekers in Denmark, the institutional setup they are met by, their isolation from society, the insecurity and inscrutability of their situation - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 2, 2003]
24 K
Fagerlid, Cicilie NO Soundtrack of our lives: Asian Underground
[Essay on music among South Asian immigrants in London, discussing identity formation and identity politics as related to the musical forms evolving in these groups - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 3, 2004]
33 K
Kirkegaard, Annemette DK Studiet af musik i antropologisk lys
[Theoretical essay, giving a brief presentation of ethnomusicology as a field, discussing common approaches to the field and methodological issues - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 3, 2004]
27 K
Solomon, Thomas DK Musikalske konstruktioner af sted og identitet i Bolivias Højland
[Essay on traditional music and ritual in a town in highland Bolivia, focusing on the music's ability to integrate bodily emotions and social experiences of place and ecology - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 3, 2004]
25 K
Vaaben, Nana DK Musik, følelser og intersubjektivitet
[Theoretical essay, discussing music as an emotional and intersubjective phenomenon, and the ties between music and subculture - From Jordens Folk, Vol. 3, 2004]
31 K
Kathrine Krøijer Hørsted DK Hus og handling: En analyse af udveksling og betydningsdannelse blandt tibetanere i en landsby i Det Autonome Tibetanske Præfektur Dechen [Abstract - ENG]
[A fieldwork-based Danish MA thesis....
314 K
(excl. images)
Hojer, Maja ENG Reforming habitus, reordering meaningful worlds: Soldiers' Mothers and social change in postsocialist Russia [Abstract - ENG]
[A fieldwork-based Danish MA thesis, describing the work of the Russian NGO "The Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg" (which work to secure the human rights of conscripts in the Russian army), with emphasis on the changes they aim to bring about in the soldiers' mothers' mentality and habitus, and ultimately in Russian society itself]
310 K
(incl. images)
Lie, Jon Harald Sande ENG Discursive development order and local informal practices: A development project in Northern Ethiopia - [Abstract - ENG]
[A fieldwork-based Norwegian MA thesis discussing an aid project channeled through a Norwegian NGO to pastoralists in Northern Ethiopia, which critically analyzes the aid discourse attached to the project and contrasts this to the local, informal coping strategies of the recipient group]
445 K
Rivera Andía, Juan Javier ESP Músicos en los Andes: Testimonios y textos escritos de dos músicos del valle de Chancay (Sierra de Lima)
[Extract of a monograph on Andean folk music; the extract including an introduction to the themes and the region discussed in the book, and also an extensive ethnographic documentation of the life and work of one of the folk musicians presented in the book]
129 K
Kristoffersen, Ragnar NO Fengslingens konsekvenser i lys av organisasjonsforhold: Tapserfaringer og identitet som problem
[A short article arguing that the consequences of emprisonment for inmates must be understood on the background of organizational, institutional and experiential factors - that generate an "experience of loss" (e.g. through fragmentation of social relations) in inmates and provoke increased drug use in prisons as a means of maintaining identity in spite of this experience]
21 K
Nielsen, Finn Sivert
The Eye of the Whirlwind: Russian Identity and Soviet Nation-Building. Quests for Meaning in a Soviet Metropolis [Abstract] [Index]
[This monograph, based on fieldwork in the Soviet Union (Leningrad) in the late 1970's and early 1980's, is the only field-based study conducted by a Western anthropologist in a Soviet urban setting; it argues that the Soviet state was weakly integrated and fragmented into quasi-feudal institutions, analyzes conventions of private and public behavior in Leningrad, discusses Russian values of freedom and authority, new forms of public communication, Soviet state legitimacy, the patron-clientage organization of the Stalinist state, and patterns of socialization and family life in Soviet society]
1580 K
(incl. images)

2006 Texts added in 2006.
Title and short description Size in KiloBytes
Bjarnesen, Jesper
Johnsen, Anne-Mette
Mejdahl, Jane
Steiness, Helle Buch
Fra Funktionskost til Fusionskøkken
[A student methods report based on fieldwork at a Danish training center for young elite athletes, which investigates conceptions of food and nutrition - particularly the consumption of carbohydrates (so highly is such consumption valued that the students speak of a "carbohydrate religion"); a number of general methodological issues are also addressed]
88 K
Dale, Brigt
Lives in-between: Encountering Men in a Tobagonian Village
[A Norwegian MA thesis on male identity on the Caribbean island Tobago, based on 6 months of fieldwork, which describes Tobagonian male identity management, criticizes the prevailing dualistic models of Caribbean culture and discusses visual anthropological field methods - a film was made as part of the fieldwork]
600 K
(incl. images)
Khazaleh, Lorenz
Wessen Kultur bewahren? Eine transethnische Perspektive auf Minderheitenpolitik am Beispiel der Saamen in Nordnorwegen
[A Swiss MA thesis giving a comprehensive and crtical overview on the literature on the Norwegian Saami, with emphasis on the cultural, generational, linguistic and political pluralism within this group - historically, as well as in the present-day situation]
305 K
Enemark, Ditte
Søkilde, Sara
Thornes, Synnøve
"...også vil jeg jo ikke have, at man skal ændre det... bare tilpasse det": En antropologisk diskussion af Dannerhusets reproduktion [Abstract]
[A student report based on fieldwork at a women's center and shelter in Denmark. The center, which is the first and most prominent of its kind in Denmark, was originally a collectively led and non-hierarchical organization, but was being reorganized as the students did their work there]
104 K
Anderskov, Christina
Anthropology and Disaster
An analysis of current trends within anthropological disaster research, and an attempt to construct an approach that facilitates theory building and applied practices - analyzed with vantage point in a case-study from the flood-prone Mutarara District in Mozambique
520 K
(incl. images)
Ojha, Nabaghana
Schedule V areas: Rights over MFP still a far cry
[Report on the status of recent Indian legal measures to ensure tribal minorities rights to minor forestry produce in their area. While approving of the new laws, the author criticizes several aspects of its implementation and calls for more concerted action benefitting poor people]
22 K
Rivera Andía, Juan Javier
La fiesta del ganado en el valle del Chancay (1963-2003): Ritual, religión y ganadería en los Andes: etnografía contemporánea, documentos inéditos e interpretación
[Extract of a monograph on cattle ritual in the Peruvian Andes; the book includes extensive ethnographic documentation; the extract includes the introduction and conclusion, as well as a sample of the empirical material]
74 K
Škodová, Lenka
Gender, Generation and National Identity of Czech Émigrés in Denmark [Abstract - ENG]
[Danish MA thesis on two generations (1960's and 1990's) of Chech migrants to Denmark. On the basis of fieldwork and demographic data, the author explores the interrelationship of migration/migrancy on the one hand, and gender, national belonging, minority integration and political change]
657 K
(incl. images)

2005 Texts added in 2005.
Title and short description Size in KiloBytes
Bahto, Camilla
Skolavslutning: Kreoliseringsprocesser i dagens Sverige
[A critical discussion of the role of Christianity in the Swedish school system, which offers insights into the byzantine workings of bureaucracy and the dilemmas of immigrants in Sweden. Our first text in Swedish]
50 K

Damborg, Morten
Fruelund, Camilla
Hermansen, Anne-Mette

Welcome to the Real World: Et essay om seksten flygtninges møde med Danmark og tre studerendes møde med det antropologiske felt
[A student report based on fieldwork among refugees in Denmark, dealing especially with long term adaptation to conditions of stigmatization and economic violence]
70 K
Drewsen, Ulla Milner
Spenceley, Lea Holst
Fravalg på VUC: En analyse af 11 kursisters fravalgshistorier [Abstract - ENG]
[This thesis in pedagogics/social psychology is a detailed empirical investigation of the reasons for dropping out of courses at a Danish adult education program, which utilizes and critically assesses the learning theory of Etienne Wenger]
610 K
Freudenberg, Christopher D.
Process in Social Boundaries: A Study of Processes in the Isolation of Selected Rural and Urban Communities
[This thesis, from 1970, offers a comparative study of European village and urban communities. Criticizing Redfield's folk-urban continuum, the author offers an alternative framework based on the situational and process-oriented theories that had been gaining ground since the 1960's. The text includes, among other things, a very early reaction to Fredrik Barth's later famous Ethnic Groups and Boundaries]
331 K
(incl. images)
Hillersdal, Line
Petersen, Mille Katrine
Tillisch, Signe
Det nye som oplevelse: Metodiske skridt i Field’s
[A student report from a three-week field exercise at the new "Field's" shopping center in Copenhagen, including a Powerpoint presentation and a methdological discussion of the use of photography]
77 K
(excl. images and powerpoint)
Ireton, Sean
The Samaritans - A Jewish Sect in Israel: Strategies for Survival of an Ethno-religious Minority in the Twenty First Century [Abstract - ENG]
[Based on interviews with members of an unusual and poorly known Jewish sect, this text transmits an alternative perspective on Israel and the Palestine]
117 K
Jørgensen, Helle
Exchanging the inalienable: The politics and practice of repatriating human remains from Museum and Maori tribal perspectives [Abstract]
[Applying classical and modern anthropological theories of exchange, this thesis explores the politics and moralities involved when Maori preserved heads are returned to their traditional owners from museums in New Zealand and Europe]
315 K
(Incl. images)
Kristensen, Benedikte Møller
The Living Landscape of Knowledge: An analysis of shamanism among the Duha Tuvinians of Northern Mongolia
[An analysis of traditional shamanism among Tuvinian nomads in the Mongolian taiga, based on 22 months of fieldwork, including a chapter on the effects of urbanization, and a discussion of the repurcussions of very close participation]
239 K
Kristoffersen, Ragnar
Antropologi og menneskesyn  
[A short, popular description of the basic underlying orientations of anthropology]
19 K
Krohn-Hansen, Christian
Vike, Halvard
Makt og symbolske former: Perspektiver på politikk
[A comprehensive overview article on political anthropology. Originally published in 2000, the texts summarizes both classical and (post-)modern trends in the field, illustrated with empirical cases by the authors.]
128 K
Larsson, Mimi
Political Action in a Post-Socialist Society: An Anthropological Analysis of the Hungarian Telecottage Movement [Abstract - DK]
[Based on seven months of fieldwork, this thesis discusses the Telecottage movement in Hungary and contributes to debates on civil society, new political movements and the status of politics and culture in the postsocialist world]
353 K
(Incl. images)
Lau, Christel
Ufaglærtes arbejdsværdier: en etnografisk undersøgelse af arbejdsværdier, arbejdsnormer og handlinger på en produktionsvirksomhed i Grønland
[Based on four months of fieldwork among non-qualified workers on Greenland, this report discusses local work conditions and their effect on work morale and family life]
173 K
Madsen, Jane Midtgaard
"Der er kun så mange kopper kaffe man kan drikke": En etnografisk undersøgelse af hvordan det er at være udstationeret for en dansk virksomhed i Melbourne, Australien, med hovedvægt på hvordan det er for medfølgende ægtefælle og børn
[Describes how Danish gender roles are changed when Danes move to Australia. Based on 4-5 months of fieldwork] 
162 KB
Mankova, Petia
Privatisation Face-To-Face: Support Networks And The Former State Enterprise In A Remote Russian Village
[Based on 7 months of intimate fieldwork in a small Russian/Saami village on the Kola peninsula, this thesis discusses informal exchange, barter and conceptions of money, in a postsocialist context, which has gained little from the fall of the Soviet system]
334 K
Mollerup, Nina Grønlykke
Paulsen, Louise K. Jühne
Simonsen, Martin
"Special Price for You, My Friend!": Meetings between tourists and local salespeople in Dahab, Egypt
[Student report from a four-week field exercise describing the tactical and strategic use of space and roleplay by local traders in an Egyptian tourist resort] 
63 K
Nielsen, Kasper Tang
En fuldkommenhed i forskellighed: Starbucks Coffee og yumcha: Konsumption, identitet og globalisering - mellem opfattelser af det vestlige og det kinesiske blandt Hong Kongs yngre universitetsuddannede [Abstract - ENG]
[An analysis of consumption and identity among young, middle-class Chinese in Hong Kong, who react to globalization, in the shape of a Starbucks Coffee café. Based on 5-6 months of fieldwork]
358 K
Starck, Lotte H.
Thomasen, Louise S. &
Ulfstjerne, Michael A.
DK Rigshospitalet: Mad og Metode
[A student project discussing methodological issues in studying food and patients in a large Danish hospital]
74 K
Sejerøe, Anders
Danish system export between ideology and practice: A study of a top-down implemented project for bottom-up development in rural Russia [Abstract - ENG
[Includes a case study illustrating the paradoxes of developmental aid]
58 K
Skaanes, Thea
Feltrapport: En etnografisk undersøgelse af Los Comités de Defensa de la Revolución og deres relation til civilsamfundet i dagens Cuba med særligt fokus på overvågning, social praksis og ideologisk ortodoksi
[Report from seven months of fieldwork in Cuba, including discussions of ethical dilemmas and methodological practices in a one-party society]
208 K
(incl. images)

2004 Texts added in 2004 (a selection).
Title and short description Size in KiloBytes
Khazaleh, Lorenz
Sein Ding Machen: Eine ethnologische Feldforschung in der Hip-Hop-Szene Basels [includes long interviews with hip-hop, breakdance and graffiti stars in Basel] 430 K
(incl. images)
Ziegler, Julia
Kraftfeld Arbeit und Magie: Ökonomische Konzepte und moralische Ressourcen bei den Baatombu in Nord-Benin [explores the relationship between work and magic among villagers of North Benin] 504 K
(incl. images)
Höjdestrand, Tova
The Soviet-Russian production of homelessness: Propiska, housing, privatisation [a rare overview of the legal and historical status of this fundamental legal institution, which also explores its impact on homeless people] 61 K
Smedal, Olaf H.
Order and Difference: An Ethnographic Study of Orang Lom of Bangka, West Indonesia [a full-scale monographic account of this poorly documented group, which includes extensive sections on kinship, economy, ethnicity, ritual and cosmology] 904 K
Sperschneider, Lone A. & Werner
Med Fredrik Barth i felten [an interview with the great Norwegian anthropologist Fredrik Barth, where he speaks e.g. about his rich fieldwork experience; for more historical background, see this paper. Originally published in the journal "Jordens Folk".] 23 K
Sampson, Steven
Weak States, Uncivil Societies and Thousands of NGOs: Western Democracy Export as Benevolent Colonialism in the Balkans [a sharp, but balanced critique of Western aid projects in Eastern Europe] 47 K
Rasmussen, Jacob
"Det var bare for sjov". Imod en humoristisk indvandrerdebat [an essay on the humorous side of Danish-immigrant relations] 84 K
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland &
Nielsen, Finn Sivert
Til verdens ende og tilbake: Antropologiens historie - Kapittel 4. Ekspansjon og institusjonsbygging [a chapter from a recently published textbook on the history of anthropology; to see another chapter (from the English version) click here] 82 KB