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Den gode læge: En antropologisk undersøgelse af russiske familielægers skabelse af en faglig identitet i et felt under forandring [Abstract] Pedersen, Vibe Hjelholt DK 314 K
"Imagine what Danish Farmers could do with this land!"A study of a top-down implemented project for bottom-up development in rural Russia [Abstract] Sejerøe, Anders ENG 312 K
Is there anything new about good connections, 'blat' and corruption? The experiences of small female entrepreneurs Jensen, Dorte Bjerregaard ENG 19 K

A Place of Globalization. Cross-Cultural Cooperation between Estonian and Norwegian Business People in Tallinn

Partapuoli, Kari Helene


327 K

Privatisation Face-To-Face: Support Networks And The Former State Enterprise In A Remote Russian Village Mankova, Petia ENG 334 K
The Soviet-Russian production of homelessness: Propiska, housing, privatisation Tova Höjdestrand ENG 61 K
A strong local partner Sejerøe, Anders ENG 36 K