Applied anthropology

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Applied Anthropology: dictionary definition

Blurring the Boundaries of the State-Private Divide: Implications for Corruption Wedel, Janine R. ENG 60 K
Building anthropology: A historical sketch of the formative years of anthropology in the Nordic countries, with parallels to the situation in the Baltic countries today Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG 48 K
Compulsions and Options relating to Livelihood Alternatives of the Poor in the Forestry Sector in Orissa: An Analysis Panigrahi, Rekha ENG 159 K
Contributions of the elderly in an agrarian setting in rural West Bengal: Perspectives on policy Chakraborty, Falguni ENG 32 K
Dispossession of Peasants from Agricultural Land in Medinipur:
A Need for Radical Changes in the Policy of the Govt. of West Bengal
Guha, Abhijit ENG 102 K
Evolution of Strategy for Sustainable Livelihoods: An Experience from EIRFP - [Abstract] Sahay, B. K. ENG 110 K
(incl. images)
Evolution Of Sustainable Livelihood Strategy For Poor Men And Women: An Experience Of EIRFP (Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project)
Tomar, V.S., Gangwar, J.S. Sahay, B.K. ENG 42 K
"Imagine what Danish Farmers could do with this land!"A study of a top-down implemented project for bottom-up development in rural Russia [Abstract] Sejerøe, Anders ENG 312 K
Impact of the super cyclone: myths & realities Safique, Abdul ENG 75 K
Man and Nature of the Wadden Sea: What Is the Perception of Nature and the Relation to Nature among the Danish Wadden Sea Population? Anderskov, Christina ENG 86 K
"Menneskerettsundervisning i Georgien" - et eksempel på en antropologisk fortolkning Pedersen, Anne Sofie DK 77 K
Orissa Drought 2001: Its Magnitude and Consequences Ota, Akhil B. ENG 252 K
Pastime in CMIG – a rewarding experience for the elderly Chakravarty, Indrani ENG 10 K
Perception and Cognition about Ageing: Elderly Persons in Displaced Families in Medinipur, West Bengal Ali, Md. Basar, Guha, Abhijit ENG 46 K
Poverty and Politics: Some Empirical Observations Hazra, Amit ENG 32 K
Prostitution as Livelihood: ‘Work’ or ‘Crime’? Gangoli, Geetanjali ENG 50 K
Reconstructing Livelihood of the Displaced Families in Development Projects. Causes of Failure and Room for Reconstruction Ota, Akhil B. ENG 90 K
Risky Romances for the Rejas: a case study of tribal women’s labour Khan, Shahzad A. ENG 36 K
Towards A Sustainable City: The Problem of Environment and Urban Poverty in Medinipur Mukherji, Ambarish ENG 24 K
Village Livelihoods and Symbolic Spaces: The Context of Eastern Indian Rainfed Farming Project Rew, Martin ENG 72 K