Evolution of Strategy for Sustainable Livelihoods: An Experience from EIRFP

Evolution of Strategy for Sustainable Livelihoods: An Experience from EIRFP Sahay, B. K. ENG 110 K
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This paper summarises the experience of EIRFP evolved with participatory RNR management project to sustainable livelihood improvement project and the lesson learned from the project for achieving its goal.

The Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project (EIRFP) a participatory process project conceived in 1995 covers the three states of eastern India with the support of DFID, GoI, & KRIBHCO and managed by Gramin Vikas Trust - an organisation emerged with the characteristic of both government and NGOs sector, for its operation and institutionalization of participatory process.

Under the project's participation, gender, poverty strategy, it has been realized that poverty is strongly associated with lack of asset or inability to put these asset for productive purpose and their scaling-up. The asset in this context includes Human Capital. Social Capital, Natural Capital, Financial Capital and Physical Capital. The project strategy encouraged the community for their realization towards existing five capitals and it's scaling -up for the sustainable improvement of their livelihoods.

Although project has adopted holistic approach based on these capital but the Social and Human capitals are the epicenter in the process to ensure the sustainable improvement in livelihoods especially for the deprived and marginalized section. This has been reflected through qualitative indicator of change such as empowerment of both women and deprived, social recognition, confidence among these community, the capacity & skill, dealing with the outside resources, use pattern of Natural resources etc leading towards sustainable improvement in livelihoods.

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