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This page is at present somewhat chaotic, but will in time present a systematized collection of online anthropological texts. At present, a mere list is offered, alphabetized by author, and with an occasional keyword. We also include a small, somewhat random, list of link sources.

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Resources in the history of anthropology 
Resources in the history of anthropology in the Nordic countries
Antropologi på internett - en tematisk lenkesamling

Some anthropology link sources
A comprehensive and orderly collection of anthropology and archaeology related links

Antropologi på internett
A comprehensive collection of anthropological links grouped thematically (in Norwegian)

The Nordic Anthropological Film Association's Archive
"Search the archive and view the results of your search as streaming clips or full length anthropological documentaries on your desktop."

Teori Umum Cultural Studies
Comprehensive collection of links to online texts.

The Ethnographic Database Project
"A web-based interface for the collection of comparative ethnographic data." Contributors can enter data into "a standardised format."

Online text collections and journals
An online journal and article archive designed to make new knowledge and research within a wide range of disciplines available to an academic audience. The texts are mostly in Norwegian, with a few in English. The profile is "somewhat Latourian"

Ude i Felten
Field reports, synopsis, thesis and papers from ethnography students in Århus, Denmark. The website also publishes the student magazine Informanten.

An online forum for anthropologists in Denmark, with emphasis on applied anthropology.


(Alphabetically, by author.)

The Actor-Network Resource at Lancaster University
//Actor Network theory//
Actor-Network Theory What is actor-network theory? Readings
University of Colorado at Denver. School of Education
//Actor Network theory//

Polanyi and the definition of capitalism
[ cached version ]
Durane Bell 
Franz Boas account of NW Coast economy
Franz Boas

Handbook on Ethical Issues in Anthropology: a special publication of the American Anthropological Association
Joan Cassell and Sue-Ellen Jacobs (eds) 
Medical Anthropology and the Ethnography of Spirit Possession
Peter J. Claus

Cultural theory in Britain: Narrative and Episteme
[ cached version ]
Ioan Davies 
The Uses of the Primitive
Stanley Diamond
(This is a chapter excerpt from Stanley Diamond's In Search of the Primitive) 
Ritual, Anti-Structure, and Religion: A Discussion of Victor Turner’s Processual Symbolic Analysis
[ cached version ]
Mathieu Deflem 
Sociobiology Sanitized: The Evolutionary Psychology and Genic Selectionism Debates
Val Dusek

Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives -- Chapter 1: What is Ethnicity?
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Some Reflections on Ancestor Worship in Africa
Meyer Fortes
from: African Systems of Thought - Fortes & Dieterlien, pages 122-142 
Interview with Heinz von Foerster
Stefano Franchi, Güven Güzeldere, and Eric Minch 

Reflections on the Nature of Cultural Distributions and the Units of Culture Problem
John B. Gatewood 
A Life of Learning
Clifford Geertz  [pdf-file!]
How thick is blood? The plot thickens... If ethnic actors are primordialists, what remains of the circumstantialist/primordialist controversy?
Francisco J. Gil-White 
History of the Manchester "School" of Social Anthropology and Sociology
Max Gluckman

The Skeleton at the Feast: Chapter 1: Boundaries and Histories
Chris Hann



Star Wars: About Anthropology, Culture and Globalisation
Bruce Kapferer 
Monte Carlo Simulation of Language Change in Tikopia & Maori
Sheldon Klein, Michael A. Kuppin & Kirby A. Meives 
// History of anthropology: Firth; Computer science, Linguistics // 
Ethics and Experience: an Anthropological Approach to Health Equity
Arthur Kleinman
//Medical anthropology// 
Ancestors as Elders in Africa
Igor Kopytoff 
Norbert Elias and Process Sociology
Robert van Krieken
forthcoming in: The Handbook of Social Theory, edited by George Ritzer & Barry Smart, London: Sage: 353-67

The Trope of the Pith Helmet: American Anthropology, Public Spheres, Political Economy
Micaela di Leonardo 
Bits and Pieces of Eranos: The Shadow of the Noble Savage. Headhunting and Ritual Cannibalism in Seventeenth Century New England
Jay Livernois
[ cached version ] 
Towards a History of Scandinavian Anthropology
Olof Ljungstrom
Introduction: A Brief History of Subalternity in South Asia
David Ludden
(From: Reading Subaltern Studies: Critical History, Contesting Meaning, and the Globalization of South Asia. Edited by David Ludden

The Destiny of the Indian, 1851
Lewis Henry Morgan

N [links checked to here] 
The Cauldron of Ethnicity in the Modern World
by Manning Nash
Rodney Needham
From: Andrew Lang on Totemism. The 1912 Text of Totemism. By Andrew Lang. Edited and with a Commentary by Andrew Duff-Cooper. (CSAC Monographs 8)
A Field Statement on the Anthropology of Religion (1990)
John K. Nelson

Intelligent Bodies and Ecological Subjectivities: Merleau-Ponty’s Corrective to Postmodernism’s “Subjects” of Education
Marjorie O’Loughlin

(Introduction to the) Anthropology of Religion
Doug Padgett
Standing Bottles, Washing Deals, and Drinking "for the soul" in a Siberian City
Dale Pesmen
From: Anthropology of East Europe Review 
Merleau-Ponty Confronts Postmodernism: A Reply to O’Loughlin
Shari Popen 
The High Within and the Low Without: The Social Production of Aesthetic Space in the National Gallery of Scotland, 1859-70
Nick Prior
// Bourdieu //

Culture Relativism, Science Studies, and the Sokal Affair
Lars Risan 
Object Lessons: The Politics of Identity in Archaeological Discourse
Margaret Ronayne 
Exposing yourself: Reflexivity, anthropology, and film (1)
Jay Ruby 
Franz Boas and Early Camera Study of Behavior
Jay Ruby 
Up the Zambezi with Notebook and Camera, or: Being and Anthropologist without doing Anthropology ... WIth Pictures
Jay Ruby

The Other Side of Rationality: Desire in the Social System
Geoffrey Samuel
Draft only - do not city without permission 
Opening Statement: Defining Public Interest in Anthropology
Peggy Reeves Sanday 
Skeletons in the Anthropological Closet: The Life Work of William S. Willis Jr.
Peggy Reeves Sanday
To appear in: African-American Pioneers in Anthropology 
The End of the Body: The Global Traffic in Organs for Transplant Surgery 
Nancy Scheper-Hughes 
Studying the Human Condition: Habits of a Militant Anthropologist. Conversations with Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Nancy Scheper-Hughes (interviewed by Harry Kreisler) 
Georg Simmel Online
[A comprehensive Georg Simmel homepage with many texts by and about Simmel (including classics such as The Philosophy of Money). Texts are mostly in German but a few are in English or French.]
Georg Simmel 
Culture, Cognition, and Evolution
Dan Sperber and Lawrence Hirschfeld
From: Robert Wilson & Frank Keil (eds) MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1999) pp.cxi-cxxxii

Durkheim’s Elementary Forms, the Aboriginal Mind, and the Four Social Relations
Warren D. TenHouten 
Torres Strait Islanders: An Exhibition Marking the Centenary of the 1898 Cambridge Anthropological Expedition


The Political Lives of Dead Bodies in the Postsocialist Transformation
Katherine Verdery

You Only Live Twice - Interview with Carlos Castaneda
Bruce Wagner 
Anthropology and Modern Life
William Washabaugh
Magic, Fate, and History: The Changing Ethos of the Vikings (1969; full book)
Rosalie H. Wax