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Artificial Life: A Technoscience Leaving Modernity? An Anthropology of Subjects and Objects Risan, Lars Christian ENG 975 K
Backpacker Culture: Meaning and Identity Making Processes in the Backpacker Culture among Backpackers in Central America Anderskov, Christina ENG 195 K

Internett er skjebne før det er frihet - et forsvar for en frigjørende teknologideterminisme

Risan, Lars NO 101 K
Minding the Gap: Fra erfaring til formidling i antropologien Raffing, Rie DK 41 K
"Models of Social Complexity" - What is theory? Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG 22 K

Soviet Culture -- Russian Kulítura
[Culture, ideology and globalization in the Soviet Union and thereafter, compared to similar Western phenomena]

Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG

31 K

Why write? On the study of anthropological texts Smedal, Olaf H. ENG 54 K