Arjun Appadurai

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Civil Samfundet i lys af diskursiv handling i Danmark og Albanien

Nielsen, Morten DK 78 K
"Contested Identity", or "Ethnic War"? The Endurance Test in the Republic of Macedonia Schwartz, Jonathan ENG 42 K
Det nye som oplevelse: Metodiske skridt i Field’s Tillisch, Signe
Hillersdal, Line
Petersen, Mille Katrine
DK 77 K
(excl. images and powerpoint)
The Living Landscape of Knowledge: An analysis of shamanism among the Duha Tuvinians of Northern Mongolia Kristensen, Benedikte Møller ENG 239 K
A Place of Globalization. Cross-Cultural Cooperation between Estonian and Norwegian Business People in Tallinn Partapuoli, Kari Helene ENG 327 K