Order texts
How to order hard copies of texts on AnthroBase.

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To order hard copies of texts on AnthroBase, send an e-mail to:


Please note that ordered texts may not be distributed commercially without the written permission of the author.

In your e-mail:

  • Specify the postal address to which you want the order delivered, and your billing address. (Our prices cover real expenses for printing, editing, binding, postage, plus 10% overhead used to expand the AnthroBase website; exact prices can only be specified on delivery of the texts.)
  • List the full author name and title (if necessary, include Chapter number and title) of each of the texts you wish to have printed - as they appear in AnthroBase.
  • Specify the number of copies you are ordering.
  • If you are ordering a text with illustrations, specify whether you want to have these printed in color or black-and-white. Color printing will add to the cost.
  • Specify the format you are ordering: Unbound, one-sided print; Bound, two-sided print; or Compilation (see box at right).
  • If you order a Compilation, you must:
    • List the texts in the order in which you want them to appear in the printed volume.
    • Specify whether you want the volume to have a Table of Contents and / or Index. (Indexes are generated automatically, on the basis of a concordance list specified by you.)
    • Specify whether you want a customized title page for the volume. Please include details on the design of the title page. You may also send us your own page design in a separate file. Title page files may be sent in any printable format, and will not be edited by us.
    • Please note that the inclusion of an Index or a customized front page will add to the cost of the compilation.


You may order hard copies of texts on AnthroBase in the following formats:

  • Unbound, one-sided print (approx. 1-2 DKK per page).
  • Bound, two-sided print (minimum 50 pages - approx. 2-5 DKK per page, depending on the editing and binding work required).
  • Compilation (minimum 50 pages - approx. 2-5 DKK per page, depending on the editing and binding work required). A compilation consists of a list of articles and / or chapters from larger works on AnthroBase, which we compile into a single, A4 manuscript, with continuous pagination. Table of contents, index, and / or a customized title page may be included at an extra price. Compilations may be either unbound, one-sided prints, or bound, two-sided prints.

Note: Illustrations and title page are normally only delivered in black & white, but color print is available at an extra price.