Social mobility

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Born to be a Butcher? A Study of Social Mobility and Symbolic Struggles of Low Castes in the Kathmandu Valley - [Abstract]
Lie, Benedicte ENG 769 K
Cultural networks and mediating elites. A very unfinished model of the informal circulation of cultural values in the Soviet Union, with some questions about the post-Soviet situation Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG 30 K
Elites in Soviet and post-Soviet societies Matonyte, Irmina ENG 114 K
EU Accession and Personal Enlightenment: Everyday Sociality and Political Mobilization among Young Latvian NGO Activists Linnet, Jeppe ENG 311 K
The Eye of the Whirlwind: Russian Identity and Soviet Nation-Building. Quests for Meaning in a Soviet Metropolis [Abstract] [Index] Nielsen, Finn Sivert ENG 1580 K
(incl. images)
From Castes to Ethnic Group? Modernisation and Forms of Social Identification among the Tharus of the Nepalese Tarai Ødegaard, Sigrun Eide ENG 680 K (incl.
Networking into a business career: New generation of Russian managers Shmulyar, Oksana ENG 151 K
Personal Success Stories in the Estonian Press Toomere, Tuuli ENG 80 K
Privatisation Face-To-Face: Support Networks And The Former State Enterprise In A Remote Russian Village Mankova, Petia ENG 334 K
The Soviet-Russian production of homelessness: Propiska, housing, privatisation Tova Höjdestrand ENG 61 K