Peasant studies, rural studies

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Compulsions and Options relating to Livelihood Alternatives of the Poor in the Forestry Sector in Orissa: An Analysis Panigrahi, Rekha ENG 159 K
Contributions of the elderly in an agrarian setting in rural West Bengal: Perspectives on policy Chakraborty, Falguni ENG 32 K
Danish system export between ideology and practice: A study of a top-down implemented project for bottom-up development in rural Russia [Abstract - ENG] Sejerøe, Anders ENG 58 K
Dispossession of Peasants from Agricultural Land in Medinipur: A Need for Radical Changes in the Policy of the Govt. of West Bengal Guha, Abhijit ENG 102 K
Enlightenment Ideology of the 19th century and Forming of the Attitude to reading The Bible in Contemporary Russian Village Melnikova, Katya ENG 19 K
Evolution of Strategy for Sustainable Livelihoods: An Experience from EIRFP - [Abstract] Sahay, B. K. ENG 110 K
(incl. images)
Evolution Of Sustainable Livelihood Strategy For Poor Men And Women: An Experience Of EIRFP (Eastern India Rainfed Farming Project) Tomar, V.S., Gangwar, J.S., Sahay, B.K. ENG 42 K
Hus og handling: En analyse af udveksling og betydningsdannelse blandt tibetanere i en landsby i Det Autonome Tibetanske Præfektur Dechen [Abstract - ENG] Kathrine Krøijer Hørsted DK 314 K
(excl. images)
La fiesta del ganado en el valle del Chancay (1963-2003): Ritual, religión y ganadería en los Andes: etnografía contemporánea, documentos inéditos e interpretación Rivera Andía, Juan Javier ESP 74 K
Informal Credit, Money and Time in the Romanian Countryside Chelcea, Liviu ENG 28 K
Kraftfeld Arbeit und Magie: Ökonomische Konzepte und moralische Ressourcen bei den Baatombu in Nord-Benin Ziegler, Julia GER 504 K
(incl. images)
Músicos en los Andes: Testimonios y textos escritos de dos músicos del valle de Chancay (Sierra de Lima) Rivera Andía, Juan Javier ESP 129 K
Oral Stories about a Village Sacred Place: The Social Dimension of Narrative Tradition (A Pilgrimage in Contemporary Russia: Competing Religious Discourses) Kormina, Jeanne ENG 24 K
Perception and Cognition about Ageing: Elderly Persons in Displaced Families in Medinipur, West Bengal Ali, Md. Basar, Guha, Abhijit ENG 46 K
Poverty and Politics: Some Empirical Observations Hazra, Amit ENG 32 K
Privatisation Face-To-Face: Support Networks And The Former State Enterprise In A Remote Russian Village Mankova, Petia ENG 334 K
Process in Social Boundaries: A Study of Processes in the Isolation of Selected Rural and Urban Communities Freudenberg, Christopher D. ENG 331 K
(incl. images)
Reconstructing Livelihood of the Displaced Families in Development Projects. Causes of Failure and Room for Reconstruction Ota, Akhil B. ENG 90 K
Til odel og eige? Slektskap, jord og arv på gardsbruk i ei vestnorsk bygd Daugstad, Gunnlaug NO 602 K
Village Livelihoods and Symbolic Spaces: The Context of Eastern Indian Rainfed Farming Project Rew, Martin ENG 72 K