Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s)

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Blurring the Boundaries of the State-Private Divide: Implications for Corruption Wedel, Janine R. ENG 60 K

Creating a CISV'er: International Summer Villages as a Knowledge Transmission Technique

Paulsrud, Mona


45 K

The Democratic Trinity Doctrine Larsson, Mimi ENG 37 K
Discursive development order and local informal practices: A development project in Northern Ethiopia - [Abstract - ENG] Lie, Jon Harald Sande ENG 445 K
Diverging ideas of an emerging profession. Representing the journalistic community in post-socialist Romania Larssen, Urban ENG 36 K
EU Accession and Personal Enlightenment: Everyday Sociality and Political Mobilization among Young Latvian NGO Activists Linnet, Jeppe ENG 311 K
"Imagine what Danish Farmers could do with this land!"A study of a top-down implemented project for bottom-up development in rural Russia [Abstract] Sejerøe, Anders ENG 312 K
The life stories of the human rights NGO activists and (g)local public spaces in post-Soviet Russia: moving from 'personal' to 'political' Jagudina, Zaira ENG 72 K
Miljø-NGO'er i Chile - mellem marked og borgerdeltagelse: En analyse af toneangivende miljø-NGO'er i Chile Juul-Olsen, Lasse DK 267 K
Organiserte venner og uformelle samarbeidspartnere. Studiet av en miljøorganisasjon som uttrykk for sivilsamfunn i den Tsjekkiske Republikk

Tysdal, Birgitte


622 K

Pligt og begær: et studie af unge letteres arbejde for europæisk integration
Linnet, Jeppe DK 48 K
Political Action in a Post-Socialist Society: An Anthropological Analysis of the Hungarian Telecottage Movement [Abstract - DK] Larsson, Mimi ENG 353 K
(incl. images)
Reforming habitus, reordering meaningful worlds: Soldiers' Mothers and social change in postsocialist Russia [Abstract - ENG] Hojer, Maja ENG 310 K
(incl. images)
Reborn Nation, Pure Generation. Citizenship, Political Participation and International NGO Life among Young Latvians Linnet, Jeppe ENG 31 K
Weak States, Uncivil Societies and Thousands of NGOs: Western Democracy Export as Benevolent Colonialism in the Balkans Sampson, Steven ENG 47 K