Ethnic and cultural revitalization

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Exchanging the inalienable: The politics and practice of repatriating human remains from Museum and Maori tribal perspectives [Abstract] Jørgensen, Helle ENG 315 K
(Incl. images)
The Landscape of Knowledge: A Discussion of the Construction of Shamanistic Knowledge among Rural and Urban Tuvans Kristensen, Benedikte Møller ENG 30 K
The Living Landscape of Knowledge: An analysis of shamanism among the Duha Tuvinians of Northern Mongolia Kristensen, Benedikte Møller ENG 239 K
The Samaritans: Strategies for Survival of an Ethno-religious Minority in the Twenty First Century [Abstract - ENG] Ireton, Sean ENG 117 K
Wessen Kultur bewahren? Eine transethnische Perspektive auf Minderheitenpolitik am Beispiel der Saamen in Nordnorwegen Lorenz Khazaleh GER 305 K