AnthroBase acquries a new look, more texts and a better dictionary. - Click here to print, cite or link to this page.

Face lift...
AnthroBase has, during the last year or two, undergone a long-overdue face lift. Colors and layouts have changed. We have a new logo. Technical faults are being corrected. There are still errors and inconsistencies in formatting, but they are slowly being hunted down. To see an example of a completely reformatted text, click here.

We ask users to bear with us while we bring the whole database up to par. We are at present in the process of seeking funding for AnthroBase, and hope, within perhaps a year or two, to be able to offer not only faster editorial service but more sophisticated and more useful Browse and Search interfaces.

Please note that URLs of texts and category pages have not - and will not - be changed during this or any later update process.

Contribute to the dictionary!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our Online dictionary of anthropology is slowly growing in size and improving in quality. Interlinkages between category and citation pages in the Browse interface, and corresponding pages in the dictionary are now complete. In other words: You will find a direct link from the Gregory Bateson citation page (which lists AnthroBase texts dealing with Bateson) to the entry on Bateson in the dictionary, and vice versa - if both of these pages actually exist (which they still far too often do not).

Please contribute to the dictionary! A few authors have already done so (thanks!), and we welcome new entries, as well as changes or additions to existing entries.

If you would like to contribute, please click here.