Face lift
AnthroBase aquries a new look.

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Work (still!) in progress...
As old users will notice, AnthroBase has, during the last year or so, been undergoing a long-overdue face lift. Colors and layouts are changing. We have created a new logo, and many technical errors have been corrected.

But there are still many things to do, and we ask users to bear with us in the transitional period, while we bring the whole database up to par.

We have now finished the first stage of the reformatting process. All texts in the database have adopted the new color scheme (though a number of minor documents with the old, "green" layout may still be lurking around). We will proceed to bring the internal formatting of published texts up to par. To see an example of a completely reformatted text, click here.

Please note that URLs of texts and category pages will not be changed during the update process.

We hope you like our new look and feel. If you have comments, please contact us.